From my poster presentation at Toward a science of Consciousness Conference

The poster is very large and is available as PNG (6.1m) or PDF (573k)
and here is a graphic model showing how the functon of awareness is a special case of representation: PNG or PDF.

Below is a presentation of notes and argument for how representation making is the key problem of consciousness and how representation making may be instantiated in a computational system.
The section "#02 Awareness and representation illustrated" is mostly contained on the left half of the poster

#00 Tucson paper submission abstract
#01 discrete hypothesis
#02 Awareness and representation illustrated
#03 Representation making is a causal force
#04 Representation making is continuous
#05 Representation as networks of cells.
#05a Making and Unmaking are both necessary
#06 circuits, time, and representation. [20120805]
#07 cells are functional ideas - cells do representational actions
#08 Homeostasis and embodiment
#09 Representation making is awareness, embodied
#10 RSS matches CSS
#11 Problems and Misconceptions
#12 Computational Model